why now?

As educators, we bear a great responsibility for shaping society.
We have the unique privilege of working with children and young people as they are forming their values and worldview. We also have the great responsibility of responding with compassion, courage and conviction as they witness history in real time.

racial equity

transforming the system, policies and culture of public education in New Jersey

racial literacy

connecting our members to their power as educators to effect direct change

racial affirmation

challenging the "colorblind" narrative with the power of diversity and visibility


activating and organizing people power toward a collective vision

purpose & values

discover joy in justice
learn liberation language
resistance & resilience in action

theory of change

If we create space for members to embark on a learning journey grounded in our shared values, within a diverse community of colleagues that cultivates relationships, shares resources, and sharpens skills, then we can collectively and effectively engage in the racial equity work that is vital for the transformation of our public school system.


community agreements

make space, take space, hold space

lead with curiosity

impact over intent

call in vs. call out culture

no quick fix / push your growing edge

Brave Space